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With all the buzz surrounding the Exchilerator® counterflow wort chillers, we decided to put some of our favorite media spots front and center so you could easily find them. Every one deserves a cold break, get yours on your next brew session with an Exchilerator®!

"I thought the results of the Exchilerator Maxx speed test trials were pretty astonishing, not only was this the quickest I'd ever chilled wort before, but it was done with warm groundwater. While such hasty chilling times are likely the best feature of the ExChilerator Maxx, it has some other rad things going for it as well."

In the spring of 2017 we decided to take a leap of faith and put our money where our mouth was. Instead of buying reviews & media, we decided to give one of our chillers to Marshall at in exchange for a no holding back, honest review of our Maxx counterflow wort chiller. We figured if our wort chiller was as good as we thought it was we should put it to a true test!

12 weeks later we are extremely honored (and relieved :))to have been featured on the Brulosophy site with a stellar review!

- We love Brulosophy and all the fantastic content they produce! From their exbeeriments to sound brewing advice and equipment reviews, if you have not checked them out we highly suggest you do!

testing the Maxx counterflow wort chiller with the test setup from

"The Exchilerator is pretty spectacular. It dropped the water over 100 degrees F in the 29-seconds. It was done chilling after 2-mins. The results were so surprising that I re-ran the test to get a video because it didn't seem believable."

- We would like to thank someone as respected as Mr. Blagg for putting the Exchilerator Maxx through its paces. We are thrilled with the review and proud of the results!

Click here to read the review

We were thrilled when we got a call to be included in one of our favorite brewing magazines! We were then absolutely flattered that Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine nominated the Exchilerator as the "BestStuff" wort chiller in their 2017 Best Gear Guide!

Thanks Craft Beer & Brewing! We will continue to innovate, improve, and kill it year after year!

craft beer and brewing magazine review for exchilerator

Darin over at produced this great review for us back in 2016. We loved his comments and are so glad he enjoyed using the Exchilerator Maxx with his fully automated, Android powered, electric brew system!

Brew Boss creates some fantastic automated electric brewing equipment and packages the exchilerator right into their bundles!

Wiregrass Brewing was one of the first micro breweries to put the Maxx to the test. Check out the end of the video where the proof is in the fermenter!