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Horizontal Immersion Wort Chiller

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The newest addition to the Hangover accessory family is the Horizontal Immersion Chiller. We know you are scratching your head and asking, “Why would Exchilerator make an Immersion chiller when they already have the fastest shell in tube counterflow chiller on the market?!” Well, the reason for this is that while our counterflow chiller is the #1 top rated, we realize some brewers just prefer immersion chillers! Rest assured, we did not design just another immersion chiller with pounds of copper tubing tied together into a pile. Read on to see how Exchilerator’s Horizontal Immersion Chiller is different than the rest!

The Horizontal Immersion Chiller Advantage

Taking advantage of our patent pending Hangover&trade system, we designed a graceful, yet sturdy immersion chilling unit that looks amazing and performs superbly when mounted in a shiny stainless kettle. The combination of the chiller and the Hangover gives you the capability to chill, whirlpool, and monitor temps at the same time, all in one package!

The total length of the chiller, including the silver soldered riser extensions, is 28’ with a full 25’ being immersed in the wort. Our custom 1/2 NPT to garden hose fittings securely mount this chiller to the Hangover, allowing its vertical design to naturally maintain coil spacing for efficient cooling while holding the unit securely on your kettle. This spacing is important so that flow occurs 360 degrees around each coil, utilizing as much contact surface as possible. When whirlpooling, this design also allows hops to pass through and around each coil and increase hop utilization.

Vertical design mounted with a Hangover also maintains an adjustable space between the bottom of the coil and the bottom of your kettle. This space allows the physics of a whirlpool to develop without impingement from the coil resting on the bottom. This space will also allow room for a heating element to fit comfortably under the coil.

To complete the package, an adjustable copper whirlpool arm is mounted on the deck plate of the Hangover so you can fine tune the whirlpool currants up or down within the coil, or rotate the arm to create a counter or a clockwise flow rotation. If you want to fine tune whirlpool additions even further, you can mount a thermowell on the deck plate along with whirlpool arm so you can really get those temps dialed in!

When the coil is mounted with the Hangover on your kettle, it becomes very sturdy, stable, and most importantly, keeps hose connections outside of the kettle.

Perhaps the best part of it all is, you have a Hangover to which many accessories can be added, completing your Hangover collection! Happy brewing!

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Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 28 in

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  1. The service was GREAT. I had reached out prior to purchasing the horizontal immersion chiller and got very quick responses to my questions from Kenny. One of my questions was customizing the chiller to allow it to sit lower in converted keg so that I could use it as a boil kettle for 5 or 10 gallon batches. The modifications were made quickly, and shipped out within a week.

    Additionally, the chiller came with EVERYTHING needed to put it to work immediately. Plumbers tape was included to ensure all the connections were sealed properly, a sample bottle of their cleaner to clean everything before use, and additional spare parts for the compression fitting on the whirlpool arm. I was ready to brew my first batch with this within a couple of hours of receiving it.

    Great service, and product.

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Horizontal Immersion Wort Chiller Horizontal Immersion Wort Chiller
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