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The Hangover™ Demonstration

Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

Kenny from Exchilerator walks you through a few of the various configurations that are possible with our new brewing accessory The Hangover™. After nearly a year of R&D and countless renditions, we have finally released our newest brewing accessory we lovingly call The Hangover™. The Hangover™ was created when one of the partners in the company was trying to recirculate his mash without a built in port. He had been trying to use silicon tubing with a spring clamp on the edge of his kettle and was for the sake of this post ‘frustrated’. We started discussing the various options that were out there, including buying new hardware or drilling out new ports in his kettles. While new brew kettles were an option, it didn’t make sense as he did not brew that often and could not really justify a new rig for a few sessions per year hobby. Drilling Read the full article…