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Brutus Pro Counterflow Wort Chiller

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Go pro with our Double Barrel Counterflow wort Chiller – BRUTUS

Introducing the Brutus “Double Barrel” counterflow wort chiller! This is the ultimate counterflow wort chiller for small pilot to 5bbl systems. Boasting TWO full length copper barrels that provide over 50 linear feet of brutal wort chilling power. All condensed into a single square foot of space! Wrapped in the exclusive Exchilerator shell, this icy beast guarantees a cold break every time as it cranks out gallon after gallon of pitch ready wort in real time! There is no other chiller like it on the market and nothing else comes close. If you brew 10 gallon or larger batches of beer, think about treating yourself this year and experience a Brutus for yourself.

The Brutus is recommended for small breweries, larger home brewers, and anyone looking to cool large amounts of wort as quickly and efficiently as possible. With a flow rate of up to 4 gallons per minute, it can easily chew through a nano sized brew day in as little as 30 minutes. Smaller 5 and 10 gallon home brewed batches are a breeze and can be chilled to pitch-able temps in less than 3 minutes! Backed by our industry leading 5 year warranty against manufacturer or material defects, you can rest assured that the Brutus counterflow wort chiller is a built to last.

Exchilerator prides itself in creating only the highest quality products, built for brewers by brewers, and built to be easy to use and last a lifetime!


Additional information

Weight15 lbs
Dimensions16 × 16 × 14 in

Basic, Ready to Brew

Fitting Type

1/2" NPT, 1.5" Tri-Clover

Add A Pump

None, MKII SS + 89.99, Chugger X-Dry SS +169.99, Chugger Max Hi Temp SS + 379.99, Blichmann Riptide NPT + 206.99, Blichmann Riptide TC + 221.99

11 reviews for Brutus Pro Counterflow Wort Chiller

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  1. Vielka (verified owner)

    Very happy with the service

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  2. John M. (verified owner)

    This is the best chiller. Far superior to an immersion chiller. It actually works too good. Is that possible? I can cool 10 gallons to BELOW pitching temperature of I’m not careful.

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  3. Jamie B. (verified owner)

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  4. John B. (verified owner)

    Very well constructed and holds up to the claims!

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  5. Stefan L. (verified owner)

    Perfekte Kühl Ergebnisse , mit Leitungswasser 200 Liter Würze innerhalb von 1 Stunde von 102 auf 16 Grad gekühlt, absolut perfekt, nur zu empfehlen.

    Perfect cooling results, cooled with tap water 200 liters of wort within 1 hour from 102 to 16 degrees, absolutely perfect, can only be recommended.

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  6. perogi (verified owner)

    Brutus’ name checks out! This is a beast that takes 14 gallons of boiling wort down to pitching temps at full throttle using my march pump. It does its job so well that if you want to ferment at higher temperatures (using Kveik yeast for one example), you might want to turn off the water flow every now and then so you’re not trying to heat up 65 degree wort in your fermenter. I got the TC connection and recommend it if you can make it work for your system.

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  7. Evan (verified owner)

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  8. Joseph Tidd (verified owner)

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  9. daniel diaz (verified owner)

    Great service, and the product worked perfectly!!!

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  10. Peter Dr. Hessler (verified owner)

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  11. Philip (verified owner)

    This is my third wort chiller I’ve bought (The prior 2 have been in constant use for 3+ years!) and the quality is exceptional.
    The chilling claims are accurate and this thing is much more efficient and much easier to clean than other counterflow chillers and plate chillers that are around the same price.
    This product is an absolute no-brainer.
    I’m using the Brutus on a 1bbl system and can knock out a full rolling boil in under 20 minutes.

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