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Add 1/2″ NPT ports instantly to your kettle or cooler with The Hangover™ to securely attach a multitude of brewing hardware. Every brewer comes to a point where they need additional upper ports in their brewery to utilize advanced techniques such as whirlpooling, sparging, and more. This change typically tends to knock their quality and efficiency out of the park and really up their brew game. Quite simply, brewers naturally progress their approach to brewing beer. Taking this step has historically entailed costly equipment upgrades, or potentially dangerous cutting or welding alterations to their kettles or brewing vessels.

Now in less than 1 minute you can solve all of the above and be on your way to making better beer with the addition of The Hangover™ to your brewery. Simply attach the Hangover™ to your brewing vessel and connect the desired accessory. The Hangover™ fits just about any vessel and provides a rock solid connection to side of your kettle, keggle, cooler, etc. (It actually makes a great way to mount tap faucet on a keg for impromptu gatherings). Once connected The Hangover™ provides an industry standard 1/2″ NPT port, vertical adjustment plane, and what we call a ‘deck plate’ or it’s horizontal plane. These planes allow for the easy addition of adjustable 1/2″ fittings, pipes, tubes, etc. for just about any professional grade brew setup you can imagine. Best of all, all of this is accomplished using your existing hardware with no expensive upgrades!

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Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 3 in

Basic, Pro +15.00

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  1. Joe (verified owner)

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  2. Adam Engler (verified owner)

    Had a small fitment issue at first, after being contacted by their wonderful customer service representative we were able to brainstorm and come up with a solution to fix the issue. Thank you for standing by your product and taking the time to go over it with me.

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  3. Jim Spaulding (verified owner)

    I love the idea of not needing to drill another hole in my kettle, so the hangover is an ingenious workaround. I do see some deflection in the clamping mechanism and thicker stainless would be beneficial for the deck plate as well since it has a tendency to bend. I should point out that I was very happy with the speed of expediting my order and the customer service overall was excellent!

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    • zach (store manager)

      Hi Jim,

      We’re thrilled to hear you’re loving the Hangover! I’m actually glad that you brought this up as the bending is actually a feature. The early units were made with thicker steel and we ended up with users denting and marring their kettles due to over tightening and cranking down on their Hangover’s. The design was purposefully altered to provide a higher degree of ‘give’ in the hopes that when someone cranks down on their unit they do not end up inadvertently damaging their gear. For anyone else reading this, you only need to tighten your unit to a SNUG fit, or just enough to hold whichever accessory you are using :).

  4. Matthew Williamson (verified owner)

    Well built and works great!

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