New Sparge Arm

We are very proud to announce the release of our new fully adjustable sparge arm! While the D and Straight sparge arms were great products, they were developed (as most sparge arms are) with smaller spray ports that can get plugged with grain bits during re-circulation. Our original intention was to give brewers an easy to use sparge arm that was also easy to clean with a brush when necessary. While the removable end caps accomplished this (and our customers loved them), we really wanted to find a more elegant solution.

We are always looking for ways to improve our products! The idea behind our new sparge arm began with its single large port and lip design. This simple yet elegant design produces a beautiful, gentle spray pattern that gently rinses your mash without any chance of plugging during re-circulation. The ½” stainless port will allow any grain or adjunct up to 5/16 of an inch in diameter to effortlessly pass right through. The spray pattern has a nice tulip petal shape that can be adjusted (size and volume) with a flow control valve installed on the top fitting.

Sparge Arm

The unit comes in 2 lengths ( 8” or 12” ) which gives you the ability to adjust your spray height in most kettles, mash tuns, and coolers. Our friction fit Delrin compression fit ferrules allow you to slide the shaft up and down and even 360 degrees when mounted on The Hangover®. This lets you keep the water spraying in any direction, above the grain bed, or even penetrate down into the mash, the choice is yours! Cleaning the unit is also a breeze, flush with warm water, or disassemble and soak in your choice of brewery cleaner!

The new sparge arm was specifically designed to mount securely on the deck plate of The Hangover®. This allows you to mount the unit on just about any mash vessel available due to the wide range of compatible vessels with The Hangover® system! If you already have a re-circulation port and would like to incorporate this unit into your brewery, you can either cut the shaft to length you need or contact us to have a custom size made just for you.

Stay Exchilerated and keep making great beer!