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Chugger X-Dry Pump High Temp Stainless Steel


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The Chugger lineup of pumps represents a great value for an even better price. These pumps are workhorses in the brewery. Featuring a robust flow rate of 7 g.p.m , and a magnetic drive designed to handle back-pressure, these pumps are a great addition to any brewing setup! The Stainless Steel Chugger showcases their molded Stainless Steel Pump Head. This stainless pump is a steal for the price, and we’ve been more than happy with the quality! Use this to ease transfers between kettles, cool wort via a counter flow wort chiller, or recirculate ice water for quicker chilling!

The Chugger X-Dry pump has 1/2″ male N.P.T inlet and outlet, allowing easy configuration for any application! We recommend setting these pumps up with a Ball valve on the outflow side, this way you can throttle down the outgoing flow rate, allowing for more efficient cooling! The pump head can also be rotated 360┬░ (in 90┬░ intervals) allowing for even more customization!

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 7 × 6 in


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