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The Mongoose 75′ Immersion Wort Chiller

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Discover an immersive blend of performance, ease of use, and quality with The Mongoose 75′ immersion wort chiller! Meticulously crafted by the makers of the best-selling Maxx counterflow wort chiller (Us), and engineered to cater to the diverse cooling needs of home brewers, the Mongoose immersion chiller guarantees an outstanding chilling experience that’s been designed from the ground up to stand apart from its competition!

This 75′, American made copper immersion chiller is dense, compact, and designed to fit just about any size kettle or all in one system on the market. The optional built in whirlpool arm was skillfully designed with zero increase in the diameter of the unit while providing plenty of force to spin a ten gallon batch. This allows brewers to let the pump do the work when chilling your wort vs having to stir and shake your chiller during the cooling process. (Yes, we also do not enjoy shaking and stirring an immersion chiller).

As you can probably guess, we are huge advocates of our counterflow wort chillers! We also understand however, that every brewer is unique with their own (and different) chilling preferences. With that in mind, we created an immersion chiller so our brand could meet them all!

High Quality Materials & Efficient Cooling

Constructed with high-grade, food-safe materials, our immersion chiller is built to last and deliver consistent, top-quality performance batch after batch. Expect nothing less than the same best-in-class quality and performance you’ve come to expect from our counterflow models, just in an immersion chiller form that surpasses any industry standard! With 75′ of convected copper heat transfer, you can expect rapid and efficient wort cooling, and a cold break, at the end of every brew day

Smooth All Over & Easy To Clean

We thought long and hard about the cleaning process and wanted something that had the least amount of nooks and crannies for trub material to stick. So without using any wire ties or other materials to maintain it’s shape, the Mongoose, by design, is smooth, stable, and easy to clean. Simply rinse your chiller with hot water after you finish chilling your batch, easy peasy.

Unrivaled Compatibility

Designed with 5 gallon batch brewers in mind, the Mongoose is designed to meet or even exceed both depth and diameter requirements for submersion in most 5 gallon systems. Even a 5 gallon batch in a 20 gallon kettle had just over an inch of copper coil out of the wort. This universal sizing provides simplicity when choosing our immersion chiller. In fact, it even fits inside of SsBrewtech’s E-Series kettle heating elements! With a total outside diameter of just 10⅜” and a height of just about 7″, this chiller fits pretty much every kettle or all in one system on the market. It’s compact, robustly dense, and packs a wallop of a immersive chilling punch!

1/2″ NPT For Easy & Universal Connectivity

The Mongoose puts an emphasis user-friendliness, the 1/2″ male NPT ends come with garden hose fittings our of the box, but will easily accommodate quick disconnects or camlocks for any style water connection needed.

10 Year Warranty

When you invest in a Mongoose immersion chiller, you’re investing in a product backed by a brand with a proven track record of excellence and a 10 year unconditional warranty! Should there be any material or manufacturing issues with your chiller just send it back and we will repair or replace the unit free of charge.

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 12 in
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